Buying a house in Poland

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Buying a House in Poland

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Expats in Poland

Most of us, irrespective of how much we like our new country of residence, like to meet up with people from back home to speak in our mother tongue and share news and experiences.

It can be a lifeline until we manage to make friends in a foreign land.

Learning and speaking a foreign language is very trying for native speakers, even if they're incredibly patient. It's hard to share humour and express ourselves in a natural way.

If you belong to a local English speaking expat group in Poland, do let us know and we'll publish details of where and when you meet. Or, if anyone wants to meet occasionally in the Krakow or Zakopane areas, do get in touch and we'll create a list of interested parties, or even better, if someone would like to run an expat group of this type, again let us know and we'll pass on details of anyone we come across who is interested.

So far, we're aware of only a couple of Americans and an Australian in the Zakopane area.

Local Groups

Local Groups will be listed once we find out about them.

General Links with Expats

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