Buying a house in Poland

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Buying a House in Poland

buying house poland
 Poland, parcels and corier service in between Poland and UK

Courier and Parcels Services

Once you have purchased your property in Poland you will have the occasional need of a courier or parcels service to ferry over those items that are difficult to obtain in Poland.

The services that we are displaying below have all been recommended to us or we have personal experience of ourselves. These are not paid for ads.

Parcels service in between UK and Poland


Eagle Transport UK

57 Edbrooke Road, London W9 2DE
Tel 020 7286 9485 and 020 7266 5525

Website for parcels and courier service from UK to Poland

This company offers an efficient service where they collect parcels from your home to deliver to Poland.

buy house poland

Parcels and package delivery between Poland and the UK

62-817 Kolonia Kokanin 15

Tel: 0602 854 515 and +48 62 769 5995




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