Buying a house in Poland

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Buying a House in Poland

buying house poland
beautiful poland

Beautiful Poland

There is something that you should know about Poles that becomes very apparent as you travel through the countryside. Poles are highly individual.

Each house that you see is in its own patch and a different style from the houses around it.

None of the rows of terraces or uniform estates that are so common in Britain - although these too are now unfortunately being built in cities and sold as potential investment properties by building firms. Take time to travel and look around - it's a beautiful unspoiled country with massive broad leaf forests and countryside where wild flowers are allowed to flourish. Wildlife is plentiful.


See how lovely the countryside is

Take a look at the following photos of southern Poland and I'm sure that you will agree that it is both special and beautiful.

Gathering hay the old-fashioned way



Wild flowers and hills. Walk and the only noise is the loud chirping of grasshoppers. When was the last time you heard a grasshopper in Britain?

The houses are beautiful too. Now, wouldn't you prefer this alpine style house with baconies full of flowers to a small family home in the Midlands? You could buy three like this for the price of a modest home in the Midlands. We have recently seen a 5.1 hectare farm with a house to renovate for £64,000

polish house balcony Even though this page shows views of the countryside, other photos on this website are mainly of Cracow

What do you think?

There are industrial cities that we would prefer not to visit, but hey, so has every country. However, not every country has retained the natural beauty of its countryside.






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